Benefits Of a Task Management Software for Accounting Firms

What is task management?

Task management is the process of overseeing project tasks from start to finish. It is about proactively making decisions about tasks considering changes that may occur in real time, and the ultimate goal is to successfully complete the task. It also means effectively managing all aspects of tasks, such as budget, time, scope, resources, and repetition.

Project management and task management

Project management is the process of managing projects with fixed start and end dates through the various stages of planning, execution, monitoring, and completion. A project aims to accomplish a specific end goal by performing multiple manageable work items. These work items are called tasks.

Task management is the process of managing a single task from conception to completion. Tasks don’t necessarily have goals or specific deadlines. A group of tasks collectively contribute to the execution of the project. So task management is essentially a function of project management.

Project management requires seeing the big picture. Project managers typically have multiple projects running at the same time with different priorities. Proper management of these requires a proper analysis of the relationships and dependencies between the various components. Task management, on the other hand, is about concentrating on completing tasks. Both extended administration and errand administration require group association and administration to empower assets to best oversee numerous work things. 

Five benefits of using task management software for accounting firms

Task management software for accounting firms keeps individuals and teams organized and provides information about pending tasks. With so many options on the market, diving into the world of task management software can be daunting.

The direct benefits of these solutions may not be immediately apparent. So let me explain his five clear and concise benefits of task management software for accounting firms.

1. Visibility and credibility

When your team tracks tasks with task management software, it’s easy to keep track of their day-to-day work. You can also set up dashboards to track individual progress and team member participation in goals.

Many software programs also offer notifications and automation, so you can notify team members of updates or specific tasks. This means managers can step back and work while teams work more autonomously.

Employees respect freedom and autonomy. Therefore, with these systems in place, managers can continue to monitor progress while allowing individual employees to work more independently without having to manually report progress.

This minimises micromanagement and builds trust across the organisation. Team members are free to work on their own schedule without constantly checking with their managers, but they are also given enough information to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


Like most project management software for accounting firms, Trello allows managers to open new project boards and add the tasks they need. However, from there, team members can simply request cards and move them along separate paths without too much being overlooked.

With the right automation and notifications, managers can be notified when tasks reach certain stages. This gives employees confidence that they are doing their job well, and managers can easily perform their duties when needed.

Whenever managers need to check things out, they can look at the project board to get an overview of how things are progressing. Employees can also flag managers on project cards when something needs specific attention.  

2. Broader mental reach

It is very difficult for humans to keep track of all their tasks without the help of tools, be it pen and paper or project management solutions. Managers often have to balance the demands of their team, their own projects, and expectations from above.

But with a task management system, you can keep track of them all so you can focus on other things and take the pressure off. And convenient notifications and automation help you stay focused while communicating effectively with your team. 

Software example:
base camp

Basecamp has a calendar feature that clearly marks meetings, schedules, and to-do lists in a familiar visual format. By creating a public list of deliverable deadlines and a calendar accessible to everyone in the workplace, managers can more easily communicate expectations without wasting time.

3. Process improvement

Project management solutions are most commonly defined by their ability to manage tasks. But these task management features can also show managers where the project process can be improved. As the process progresses, the team can easily identify bottlenecks and misunderstandings. Suppose a task is piled up in a state-owned company by one of hers, or a task is accidentally moved out of a particular state. By visualizing work processes, you and your team can quickly identify problems and discuss solutions.

Software example:

Many teams use Asana to create a visual view of their projects with a series of subtasks. Having a detailed view of how a project is progressing makes it easier to track each step. It also makes it easy to identify where in the process things are going wrong, so your team can have productive conversations about tasks, projects, and how to continuously improve your workflow as your team evolves.

4. Save time

Small tasks and hectic work can waste valuable work time, as can misunderstandings and isolated conversations. Missed deadlines, unclear expectations, and forgotten tasks can complicate your schedule and create unintended inefficiencies.

Task management software addresses these shortcomings by centralising your team’s tasks. Having everything in one place and clearly organised simplifies task prioritisation and expectations. For example, when a task is moved to Manager Her Review Her status, the manager immediately knows that she is ready and needs to act.

You can even have conversations within specific tasks, so everyone can see what was discussed before asking their own questions.

Software example:

A favourite of developers, his Jira incorporates many of his DevOps features, including bug tracking, data security, and agile project management. By leveraging these features, developers can free up tasks from their personal workflow and spend time on other business needs. And with the right roles and processes, team members can get everything they need before they get it. Suppose you have a field that indicates who made the request and what exactly is being requested. Developers can review the information entered and know exactly who to contact when asking follow-up questions for efficient discussion. 

5. Flexibility

Some task management software can be as simple as a checklist, but many have built-in flexibility to scale with your business and visualize data in different ways.

For example, you can create data dashboards, different visual views, filtered views, and calendars all in one place. Team members can have a personal view that works best for them, and managers can have different views for planning, reporting, and monitoring. Many tools also provide a way for project leaders to communicate with each other, enabling cross-team collaboration. A robust task management solution is designed to help you do your best work, but not all mindsets and industries handle information the same way. This adaptability permits you to tailor assignment administration to your team’s particular needs, both on a personal and group level. 

Software example:

monday.com offers a number of tools for editing the views of your project board, as well as different view types. Team members can create their own custom views that pull information from the main board. For example, you can filter the view to show only tasks assigned to you or hide fields that don’t apply to your role to make information navigation easier. If the regular list view doesn’t work for your team members, you can try the Kanban view. Alternatively, you can create your own board that connects to your team’s main board for even more customization.  

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