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No matter what kind of organization you run, whether a start-up or a multinational, you must pay the correct amount of tax. Knowing the current corporate tax rules and legislation in UAE in which you operate will ensure that you pay the exact amount. However, handling a firm means you have a lot to think about, and keeping up with changes in tax regulations that affect your business operations can take time and effort. Therefore, it may be beneficial to seek tax advice from subject matter experts. At Finance Monkey, we have a team of well-qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced UAE tax law experts who have an in-depth and professional understanding of the current legislation. In addition, our team has extensive experience in providing professional tax services to various regional organizations and has a proven ability to provide solutions to tax issues in the UAE.
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Another recent change is the introduction of the Economic Terms Regulations 2019. These regulations ensure the transparency of the existence of the real economy in the UAE and the reporting of actual income reflecting the economic activities carried out in the UAE.

At Finance Monkey, we can advise you on VAT and other taxes affecting your business, providing you with a permanent tax solution.

Keep An Eye On UAE Government Tax Update

In the UAE, taxes have changed in recent years. Our tax advisory services will ensure your organization remains compliant; however, having a basic understanding of regulatory changes will make it easier for your organization to follow the latest guidance.

Income tax does not apply to individuals in the UAE, but corporate tax applies to foreign oil companies and banks. In addition, excise duties are imposed on certain goods harmful to humans or the environment.

In January 2018, VAT was levied at a rate of 5%. This puts the UAE in line with more than 180 other affected countries and businesses as they must begin collecting and calculating taxes on behalf of the government. As a result, many companies have had to learn how to comply with VAT regulations.

Our Corporate Tax Services and Solutions

We provide local and multinational companies with practical solutions to meet all their indirect tax and regulatory requirements for economic materials. To do this effectively, we work with other RSM member firms worldwide, drawing on our extensive knowledge of tax practices, tax planning, and procedures worldwide, including the UAE.

Our tax services include:
– Tax Advisory Services
– Assessing the impact of VAT regimes, excise duties, and economical materials
– Tax Law Training Course
– Tax Advisor/Compliance Services
– Help prepare/send advertisements
– Value Added Tax (VAT)
– Organization Economic Data
– Obtain registration, deregistration, and tax adjustments
– Get a tax certificate, sale tax
– Obtaining a tax UAE residence permit

Tax Services and Solutions
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This will be followed by a system impact analysis, including analyzing data that must be validated against corporate tax requirements and understanding whether existing systems are capturing the same data.

How Can We Help?

By having a team of highly qualified chartered accountants and tax professionals, we can help businesses prepare for corporate tax implementation by effectively providing tax assessments, advice, and other tax-related services.

Here is how we can assist your company in implementing the corporate tax in the UAE; please refer to the following services we provide:

Assessing the Tax Impact on Dubai Firms

The corporate tax implications will be assessed based on the company’s current operating structure.

Corporate Tax In UAE Law Enforcement Services

The required changes will be implemented in the organizational structure to restructure the companies identified in the impact assessment study.

The applicability of tax decisions will be reviewed, and necessary adjustments to policies or agreements will be made accordingly.

It will set out the preparations for the corporate financial governance framework the company adheres to.

Corporate Tax Law
Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax UAE Service

Provide corporate tax registration services for all companies.

Prepare and assist with filing corporate tax returns. Tax accounting services to expedite calculations under CT regulations.

Contact us today if you are looking for a corporate tax professional in Dubai or the UAE to learn how to prepare for the upcoming federal corporate tax laws.

Why Choose FinanceMonkey Tax Solutions?

Tax services and corporate tax support are designed to ensure compliance. These are our strengths:

Our tax services team is available 24 hours a day.

We provide tax planning services based on the latest knowledge of applicable tax laws and regulations.

Benefit from a fully implemented proactive tax compliance strategy.

We provide various tax consulting services.

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