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Financial Jungle

Simplify your business

We Deliver What We Promise

No one knows reliability like Finance Monkey. We realize how important it is to have a good clean business relationship. That is why we hire only the best, not only in what they do but how they do it. Finance Monkey has zero tolerance for unreliable characters which is why we boast one of the best teams in the area with the best customer-client relation.

We Love Numbers

Finance Monkey doesn’t just work from 9 to 5. To us, your business is our business. We take everything as a challenge and deal with it seriously with a great degree of passion. No task too small or insignificant, Finance Monkey assures you that once we step in through that door, your worries are as good as gone!

75 Years and Counting

Good and experienced firms have too high a fee and a company that offers a reasonable rate is usually inexperienced. Here at Finance Monkey, we boast a combined experience of OVER 75 years within the financial industry.

What is Finance

To put it simply, Finance Monkey is a Finance-Managing company. For you this means that we will handle all your financial matters, or at least the matters you hand over to us. Finance Monkey deals in a wide array of services. This includes providing you with a basic book-keeper to a Finance Manager who will help manage each and every penny that flows in or out of your business. Finance Monkey wants to help your business flourish. Hence, we offer every finance-related service under the sun.

General Accounting

Finance Monkey is the one stop solution for all of your accounting needs.

Financial Reporting

How simple would it be to just sit back and receive a financial statement for your business.


How simple would it be to just sit back and receive a financial statement for your business.

Financial Solutions for Humans

Monkeys by day and financial experts by, well, day. Finance Monkey is prepared to solve all your mysteries!


Why Finance Monkey?

Fire your Accountant

Now, you no longer need to bother with going through a whole sea of incompetent and inexperienced accountants, not to mention handing over your precious business matters in unworthy hands because Finance Monkey is providing all such services to you. Be it basic book keeping or making a statement of financial affairs.

Timely Reporting

How grueling can it be when you’ve invested in an accountant and a whole team of finance managers only to have them not even meet the basic deadlines for reporting? Such a thing can be nerve-wracking to say the least and damaging for business as well. Finance Monkey has zero tolerance for tardiness. When we say we will deliver unto you the reports you require, when you require them, we mean it, even if it means us working all night to meet your demands.

Creative Accounting

Every day, the world sees a new sunrise which is a new opportunity for an innovation in business. Finance Monkey believes that there is always room for improvement which is why our team of professionals is always on the lookout for newer techniques and ideas that are meant to help your business work more efficiently and productively.

Multi-Business Expertise

At Finance Monkey we like thinking outside the box and appreciate others who do as well. Therefore, even if you have a business of selling magic wands, we can probably devise a good business plan for you. Dealing in a wide array of businesses from manufacturing to trading, Finance Monkey has a great deal of experience in almost every field and thus is the perfect choice for any business that is looking to have its special needs catered to.

Strategy Development
Finance Monkey boasts a team of dedicated and competent professionals who work diligently all the time in order to make sure that your business runs without a hitch. There is no slacking off while Finance Monkey is on the watch.

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Strategy Development

Finance Monkey

We understand that businesses have different needs. We offer a range of services, you can pick only the services you require so you don’t have to pay a single Dirham more than you actually need to!

Refer a friend Program

Thank you for your loyalty!

We hope you enjoy being a client of Finance Monkey, so much so, that you’ll want to recommend us to your friends and your contacts.

To thank you for your loyalty, we’re offering between 500-3500 AED* for every client that you refer to us! This will be paid to you once your referral has paid two monthly fees. This referral scheme isn’t capped, so get referring!

Please only use this form if your referral has confirmed they are happy for you to share their details.

Additional Information:

There’s no limit on how many referrals you can make or rewards you can receive, so earn yourself some extra spending money!* We will give you all the fees we have received in the first month from a new client.

    Now You Know Us
    Planning for the future.

    It is hard for any business to penetrate the market and staying afloat and meeting expenses. That is why we offer you the experience and knowledge we have gathered over a significant 75 years. With our experience and expertise, there is no reason your business should not flourish exactly how you want it to.

    Business Planning
    Customized Solutions

    Every business is unique and has different requirements. This is why we don’t believe in a ‘standardized’ solution. We don’t just bang and slap you with the same old service that we offer the rest of our clients. No two clients of are alike and hence every client; gets a full analysis and services best suited to their needs.

    Our Clients
    We take pride in delivering only the best.

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    Our Clients
    We take pride in delivering only the best.