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Do You Know: According to the UAE Business Companies Law 2015, companies must keep proper accounting records for at least five years. In addition, several free zones in the UAE have made it mandatory for their companies to maintain their business accounts and audit those approved and publicly listed.

Running a business, growing, beating competitors, and complying with local laws and legal requirements are always challenging for any organization. Accounting Dubai activities for companies are quite complex and challenging to manage. This is where bookkeeping services and accounting firms in Dubai and the UAE come into play.

Accountancy firms in Dubai and UAE can help you run your business efficiently and achieve healthy growth. Recording a company’s financial transactions is the main task of accounting firms in Dubai and the UAE. Accounting outsourcing companies in the UAE are staffed with the best CPAs and auditors who maintain accurate and up-to-date financial statement records to help you comply with local and international laws.

Accounting firms in UAE also deal with cash flow requirements, bankruptcy and avoidance of bankruptcy, and budget planning and forecasting, contributing to effective financial management and business stability.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Company
Accounting and Bookkeeping Company FM UAE
Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Why Do You Hire Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai and UAE?

Proper day-to-day accounting for your business is essential to keep track of your business’ assets, liabilities, and actual income. And if you are new in business or have a small and medium-sized company, outsourcing a CPA company account can save money and bring a lot of experience to the company.

Why Choose Finance Monkey?

Finance Monkey is one of the few accounting and bookkeeping companies in Dubai, UAE, listed as one of the most accessible free zones in the UAE. This is one of the main features of our company.

It helps attract potential investors. Have up-to-date financial records and statements to help bring in new investments for the company. Help investors comprehend what they are reaching into.

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  • 24/7 support
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Choose Finance Monkey
Auditors and Accountants​

Bank-Approved Auditors and Accountants

One of the silent features of our accounting firm is that it is listed with the leading banks in the UAE. As a result, we can perform better ledger management which will help your business get loan approval quickly.

Monthly Income Statement

We generate and review your monthly income statement so that all income and expenses can be tracked and analyzed. In addition, we ensure that all financial information is reported correctly for tax, audit, and strategic purposes.

Better Credit Management

Keeping the books by a professional accounting firm helps ensure compliance with the company’s credit policy, which also helps build stakeholder and shareholder confidence.

Comply With The External Audit Process

Our qualified and experienced auditors and accountant services maintain accounting records in a manner that complies with the UAE’s mandatory external audit requirements.

Monthly Account Update

Our team of accounting and bookkeeping experts provides monthly reviews and updates of tax returns and all other financial statements. This way, you can always rest assured that you receive correct and honest financial information.

Audit and VAT Presentation

Filing taxes is a stressful task for most people. We relieve your stress! Our team of financial experts provides accurate and timely VAT filing and account auditing services. So your taxes will always be filed on time without you lifting a finger.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping

We provide accounting and bookkeeping services compliant with IFRS and IAS standards and approved by the UAE Government.

Transaction Analysis

Our team of accounting and bookkeeping professionals analyzes each transaction individually.
Easy Decision​

Our professional financial reporting services in UAE include the following:

  • Management Information System Report
  • Budget and Forecast
  • Inventory Management
  • Money management
  • Sales/Revenue Report
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial Statements
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Monthly and year-end summary reports

Easy Decision

Financial reports show the health and strength of the company. How we design financial statements and reports make it easy for business owners to make critical financial decisions.

Our professional accounting services in Dubai and UAE include the following:

  • Implementation of accounting software
  • Keep books of accounts
  • Project accounting
  • Account/Inventory Adjustments
  • Petty Cash Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Tax Accounting/VAT
  • Preparation of depreciation schedule
  • Bank statement reconciliation

Our professional financial services in UAE include the following:

  • Sales Accounting
  • Purchasing Accounting
  • Accounting Payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Cashbook Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Registration and Accounting
  • Ledger/Asset/Equipment

Hire the Best Accountants Dubai For Exceptional Business Growth

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential services required to maintain financial information and daily transactions of a company’s business activities, such as records of sales, payments, receipts, and financial statements. These records help management plan, formulate policy and make the best decisions for the organization’s benefit. In the UAE, companies must keep records of their monetary transactions for at least five years.

Finance Monkey UAE provides accounting and bookkeeping services compliant with IFRS and IAS standards and approved by the UAE Government. We ensure that all documents are checked and balanced accordingly.

The UAE has emerged as a world-class business hub, attracting attention from local and foreign investors and entrepreneurs. So if you want to set up a business in the UAE, contact us today!

We Deliver What We Promise


Finance Monkey is a name of reliability, as no one understands reliability better than us. We know how essential it is to have a good and clean working relationship. That’s why we only hire the best people for what they do, not just for how they do it. Finance Monkey has zero tolerance for unreliable people, which is why we own one of the best teams in the region with the best client-to-client relationships.

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 Passion is the key to success; Finance Monkey is passionate about getting your business to skyrocketing success. We see everything as a challenge and approach it with great seriousness and enthusiasm. No task is too small or insignificant, and Finance Monkey assures you that once you walk in that door, all your financial worries will melt away.

75 Years and Counting


Nothing beats the experience. An Accounting firm can have overqualified interns, but it’s only useful with expertise. Experienced companies have good prices, and companies that offer reasonable prices are usually inexperienced. At Finance Monkey, we have years of experience in the financial industry. We beat all your financial queries with years of experience in Dubai Financial Market.

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