Accounting Courses in Dubai: A Gateway to Financial Excellence in the UAE

Finding the best accounting courses in Dubai is an important task. In this article, you will find the top 10 accounting courses in Dubai and a list of institutes. ACCA, Basic Accounting Training in Dubai, CMA, Accounting for Non-Accountants, and Short Term Accounting Course in Dubai are a few of the courses advertised by these organizations. Dubai is the capital and most populous city of the UAE. Big business happens here. Additionally, trade is the most important aspect of Dubai’s economy. Clearly, startups are looking for professional accountants to develop their financial excellence processes. Every business, large and small, needs an accountant to track profits, losses, and accounting.

So, Let’s Take A look at The Top 10 Bookkeeping Courses In Dubai:

  1. Henry Harvin

What are the highlights of Henry Harvin’s accounting courses in Dubai?

  1. Provide interactive learning sessions and two-way communication. 
  2. Online learning and portal access for one year.
  3. Training sessions on overall development, such as soft skills development and resume writing.
  4. Especially helps carry out many different projects.
  5. Get multiple tools, video content, learning materials, and assessments at once to enhance learning.
  6. Have internship opportunities for practical experience.  
  7. You can get a certificate in business accounting as well as tax for accounting training in Dubai.
  8. The Institute guarantees 100% employment. 
  9. Generally, receive one year of support after completing the course. 
  10. Get as many #AskHenry contests and hackathons as you want for free. 
  11. Especially sign up for the Gold package for one year. 

Benefits Of These Accounting Courses In Dubai: 

  1. Introduce Accounting concepts right from the beginning of the course.
  2. Become a GST expert.
  3. Share your work with the right experts.
  4. Careful preparation for TDS and TCS is also an important point.
  5. Next, learn new skills and concepts from expert trainers.  
  6. Similarly, a detailed lecture on income tax.
  7. Learn all the concepts of business income throughout the course.
  8. More than 3000 students have benefited from this course.
  9. Textbooks, tuition fees, and accounting training addresses

Course Duration:

72 hours

Thanks From Henry Harvin Accounting Course In Dubai:

  1. Visibly recognized as Game-Based Learning Company of the Year.
  2. In addition, won the Top Corporate Training Award.  
  3. Then holder of the 40 under 40 Business World Awards title.
  4. Affiliated with the US EFL Association, Ministry of Enterprise, MSME, UKAF, UK Cert, Project Management Institute (PMI), as well as ISO 29990: Certified in 2010 

2. Learning Point Academy

Main features of basic accounting training courses in Dubai:

  1. Improve accounting work.
  2. First, master the knowledge of computerized accounting.
  3. In other words, use software like Quickbooks and Sage 50.
  4. Second, understand the concept of accounting measurement. 
  5. Above all, prepare important financial excellence reports.
  6. In the meantime, get to know basic accounting and basic concepts.
  7. Our courses are designed by experts.
  8. In particular, train candidates as new-generation experts.
  9. There is no doubt that this course will teach them to apply accounting concepts to a  variety of real-life problems.  
  10. Courses are uniquely taught by industry experts.
  11. In other words, specializing in key accounting areas.

Benefits Of Basic Accounting Courses In Dubai:

  1. Detailed understanding of important business accounting concepts.
  2. Therefore, a broader analysis of financial excellence accounting standards is necessary.
  3. First, acquire practical skills in financial excellence accounting models.  
  4. Second, receive a globally recognized certification in accounting and finance.
  5. Become an accounting expert in the accounting industry.
  6. Especially MS Excel training for accounting models.
  7. Likewise, learn accurate tools like IPSAS, IFRS, TallyPrime, Sage50, and MS Excel.
  8. Mostly, training courses are also provided on soft skills. 
  9. Additionally, we provide support to advance their career in the industry. 

3. Knowledge Point Institute

What is a CMA (Chartered Management Accountant)?

  1. CMA stands for Chartered Management Accounting.
  2. There is no doubt that knowing the quality of knowledge is very useful. A person who has the power to control, analyze, and plan finances.
  3. In comparison, the average income of a CMA professional is quite high.
  4. Salary increases significantly after completing these accounting courses in Dubai.

Highlights Of The Accounting Training Course In Dubai:

  1. Undoubtedly, this is the best CMA-certified account training program in Dubai.
  2. Teachers’ practical experience in the industry will benefit students as their teaching experience is at a high level. 
  3. Additionally, it is accepted in the UAE, the USA, and Canada.
  4. Fully registered and certified.
  5. Therefore, registration and inspection fees are very low.
  6. Register for this accounting training course in Dubai and then take the CMA exam in person.
  7. Students get industry exposure so they can apply their knowledge on the spot. 
  8. The program is actually updated.
  9. Empowering every student at large is our motto.

Types Of Courses Offered:

  1. OET
  2. Medical coding
  3. Medical transcription
  4. CPHQ
  5. IELTS
  6. Professional care

4. London Premier League Center (Lpc)

Key highlights of these bookkeeping courses in Dubai:

LPC is a leading accounting training service provider in Dubai.

Therefore, they have a team of highly qualified lecturers.

Courses Are Offered In The Following Languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Arabic

Global training and development help improve your personal and professional skills.

  1. It specializes in international short-term accounting courses in Dubai.
  2. Many training courses are available every month due to high demand. 
  3. At the same time, receive detailed descriptions of each topic from experts. 
  4. Specializes in international short-term accounting courses in Dubai.
  5. Now, get practical knowledge in no time.
  6. Many tasks need to be learned in detail. 
  7. This is one of the top accounting courses in Dubai.
  8. Finally, support for career opportunities and industry-related jobs.

8. Edoxi Training Institute

  1. Why choose Edoxi for bookkeeping courses in Dubai?
  2. There are many accounting and finance certificate courses to choose from.  
  3. Improve your financial excellence knowledge by taking the best accounting courses in Dubai.
  4. Likewise, learn how to use financial management tools.
  5. In short, the instructors provide guidance to become familiar with financial management and financial reporting.
  6. Pursue the MBA landscape and understand common financial situations.
  7. Get familiar with credit scores and financial excellence concepts right away. 
  8. Complete the project under the guidance of an instructor.
  9. A series of diverse projects will be implemented when necessary.
  10. Learn job-related skills from an expert in that field in the same way.
  11. Actual project summary and professional certification.
  12. Practice with potential employers based on your professional network. 

Highlights Of Accounting Training Courses In Dubai:

  1. Provide theoretical knowledge of accounting and finance for learners.
  2. Improve your financial excellence knowledge over time.
  3. Dive deeper into a new field with advanced courses tailored by our experts.
  4. In short, be a master of financial education.
  5. Educate yourself on risk management, mergers and acquisitions and the currency markets.  
  6. Significantly increase your knowledge of corporate finance and valuation models.
  7. An overview of certification courses to enhance your accounting career.

Need Accountant And Accounting Course In Dubai:

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, harbors, and beaches. The emirate of  Abu Dhabi surrounds Dubai to the south and west. The eastern and northeastern parts are covered by Sharjah. Miracle Garden, Burj Khalifa,  Desert Safari, Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Museum of the Future, Gold Souk, and Burj Al Arab have celebrated visitor goals here. Arabic is the official dialect of this extravagant visitor goal. In fact, English is the lingua franca.

Dubai is also spelled  Dubayy and is known as the Middle East’s first warehouse. Oil revenues and commercial wealth have made it a prosperous nation. It has two of the world’s largest ports and a busy international air cargo hub. It has many free economic zones and zero customs duties. In the world of business and enterprise, the scope of activities of an accountant is essential. In Dubai, it is required to follow IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for accountants, and of course, you can know this by attending accounting training courses in Dubai. He does not have his own Gaap. Experts are seeing an increasing number of jobs in Dubai, so the job market is encouraging. Therefore, one can do accounting training in Dubai to increase their salary, and from the following list of institutes, you can also do short-term accounting courses in Dubai.  


Our world economy is growing exponentially. In fact, Dubai contributes a lot in this aspect. Besides being one of the richest countries in the world, the UAE has a lot to offer. The most common source of pay here is exchange. Small and large businesses are growing every day. And every business needs an accountant. If you want to make decent money in this city and have a business background,  accounting courses in Dubai can be very useful for you.

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