Tech Industry Accounting Careers in Dubai: A Rising Demand in the UAE

The Job Market In UAE 2023

According to Dinesh DSouza, head of enlistment and ability procurement at Beginning Official Look, numerous representatives will move to work at startups. The banking and finance, engineering, real estate, travel and tourism, manufacturing and sales, supply chain, and pharmaceutical industries will see a surge in hiring. The growing demand for tech industry accounting careers reflects the digital transformation underway in the region and the increasing focus on data automation. There are many accounting courses in Dubai for your help if you want to start your new career.

Here are the trending finance jobs in the UAE. 

1. Financial Analyst

Are tech industry accounting careers in rising demand in Dubai? Yes big.

The primary responsibility of a financial analyst is to sift through data to identify opportunities or evaluate the outcomes of business decisions or investment recommendations. There are many accounting courses in Dubai for your help if you want to start your new career.

Education level:

  1. Bachelor of Accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Finance
  4. Statistics
  5. Mathematics and Engineering
  6. MBA/PG Degree in Business Management
  7. Chartered Financial Analyst
  8. Chartered Accountant

Necessary skills:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. SAP
  3. problem-solving skills
  4. Hyperion
  5. SQL
  6. Advanced knowledge of Excel
  7. Knowledge of accounting software and financial modeling.

Job growth:

Overall employment of financial analysts is expected to grow 9% between 2021 and 2031. An average of about 32,000  financial analyst positions are expected each year over the decade.

Estimated Salary:

The average salary to start as a budgetary examiner is AED 45,117 per year in the UAE.

Occupations currently recruiting:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance
  3. investment

In the event that you see at NaukriGulf, there are nearly 385 occupations for monetary examiners. Only large organizations exclusively hire financial analysts. However, the financial manager/controller role often involves performing the duties of a financial analyst or hiring a financial analyst to become a financial manager.

2. Accountant

Accountants collect, track, and make necessary adjustments to a company’s finances to help businesses make important financial decisions. Tech industry accounting careers are in rising demand.

They are responsible for auditing finances, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring accurate financial records throughout the year. There are many accounting courses in Dubai for your help if you want to start your new career.

Education Level

You will need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. However, achieving an ACCA, CPA, or ACA qualification will improve employment prospects.

Necessary Skills

Business acumen, technological knowledge, analytical ability

Job Growth

Employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 6% from 2021 to 2031. On average, there will be 136,400 accountant and auditor positions expected each year this decade.

Estimated Salary

The average salary for a Junior Accountant is AED 60,000 per year in the United Arab Emirates.

Occupations Currently Recruiting

Finance and banking industry, engineering, manufacturing.

3. Transfer pricing expert/tax expert

Complying with all tax rules and regulations can be troublesome due to the complexity of assessment laws, which is where a tax professional comes in rising demand in the tech industry accounting career. They stay up to date with tax laws, rules, and regulations, which may change periodically to assist businesses or individuals.

Corporate tax was recently introduced in the UAE. A 9% corporate charge will be required on company income from June 2023. And businesses/enterprises need transfer pricing experts and tax experts.

Education Level

You would like a bachelor’s or master’s degree in bookkeeping, trade, or a related field.

Necessary Skills

Analytical and logical skills, verbal and composed communication aptitudes, and information of charge detailing computer programs.

Estimated Salary

The normal compensation for a Fresher Assess Master is AED 67,953 per year in the United Arab Emirates.

We asked Maithili Thanawala,  CA and tax director at one of the UAE’s Big Four firms, what it’s like to work in tax.

“My first days as a tax consultant were an experience that was both exciting and overwhelming,” she said. There is a vast and complex ocean of Indian and global tax laws, case law, complex projects, and, above all, strict deadlines. The interesting thing about being a tax expert is interpretation.

 4. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers are responsible for making investment decisions that achieve their clients’ financial goals. Their goal is to maximize their clients’ financial benefits while minimizing risks.

Education level:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in finance
  2. Commerce
  3. economics or related field
  4. Proficient certifications such as Chartered Accountant (CA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)  underpin this role.

An MBA in finance or investment banking will also give you an advantage over those with only an undergraduate degree.

Necessary Skills

Real estate, asset management, investment management

Job Growth

According to sources, by 2028, employment in the portfolio management field is expected to grow by 6%.

Estimated Salary

The average salary for a Fresher Portfolio Manager in the UAE region is AED 60,000 per year. Occupations currently recruiting: Real estate and equipment rental services, financial and transportation services

5. Expert In Attracting Talent

Talent Acquisition Specialist (Related Role – HR Director/HR Business Partner) identifies and interviews candidates to determine who best fits the company’s long-term goals. Tech industry accounting careers are in rising demand.

Education Level

Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in human resource management or similar field. Professional experience, preferably as a talent acquisition specialist, is a plus.

Necessary Skills

Interpersonal communication skills, decision-making, and attention to detail.

Job Growth

Employment of human resources professionals is anticipated to develop 8% from 2021 to 2031. There will be an assessed 81,900 work openings each year this decade.

Estimated Salary

The normal compensation for a Fresher Ability-securing Securing Master is AED 156,000 per year in the United Arab Emirates.

Most Popular Industries

Information technology, consulting, and professional services, finance, and banking.

As businesses within the UAE broaden their income sources and increase efforts to attract top talent, there will be no shortage of HR positions.

6. Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is to collect and analyze data to solve a certain organizational/business problem. It collects, processes, and interprets data sets to come up with solutions. Data Analyst positions in the tech industry accounting career are available in rising demand in a variety of fields and industries in the UAE.

Education Level

You must have a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics, or a related field. However, if you come from a different background but want to become a data analyst, then it is possible. You just need to have the necessary skills.

Necessary Skills

Excel, SQL, R, or statistical programming, Python, machine learning, critical thinking, and data visualization

Job Growth

The data science field will grow by about 28% by 2026.

Estimated Salary

The normal salary for a fresher data analyst is 96,000 AED per year in the UAE Region.

Most Popular Industries

Finance, Health, and Economic information


You may have basic qualifications, but without retraining and upskilling, you cannot improve your career. You will not be the only candidate when you attend an interview for your preferred position. There will likely be hundreds of candidates with similar qualifications to yours. There are many accounting courses in Dubai for your help if you want to start your new career.

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