Accounting Software for M&A in the UAE

Discover the ultimate accounting software tailored for mergers and acquisitions in the UAE. Simplify financial management, compliance, and reporting for your M&A transactions effortlessly.

Introduction to Accounting Software

There are hundreds of accounting technologies and business management software offerings available. It can be unclear for any business owner or manager to pick the ideal package for a particular enterprise. If you have gotten accounting services from an accounting firm in the UAE, then a suitable accounting system is given by them, and you don’t have to pour money into the software. But if you have an in-house bookkeeping and accounting team, then software selection becomes critical. Some packages are sold as the best for every business sector, size, or kind, while others focus on a specific business sector. Almost all the available accounting software offerings will handle the basic accounting functions pretty well– after all – computer software was invented to do tasks. The real differences among software options are in the user interfaces, additional functions, and included special features.

Accounting software for M&A in the UAE

There is only a rational way to rate accounting software for M&A in the UAE by narrowing the field in some way. However, accounting or business management software is perfect for all users. For any list to be valid, it must declare the type of Business or user for which it is intended. This list is focused on medium-sized enterprises ($05 Million – $250 Million) and software designated also called the ERP for advanced business management. (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning).

The technology is rated loosely on popularity and brand worth. Familiar names top the list, while not-so-familiar brands are not as high on the list. Being a familiar or household name does not imply suitability for a given user’s needs, and some less familiar brands might be the best choice. Here is the list of some of the nicest ERP software in Dubai and other parts of the UAE:


Intuit QuickBooks is one of the better-known and familiar names for accounting software in the UAE for M&A. Quickbooks Enterprise ERP is generally thought to be one of the best business management apps on the market. It has a QuickBooks user interface that is easy to learn with intuitive operation. Almost all professional accounting firms in the UAE either use QuickBooks as part of their accounting software tool set or are familiar with the file formats so QuickBooks users can give QuickBooks data directly to their accounting services. A subscription-based option is given with hosting for data access from anywhere, anytime.

2 – SAP ERP:

SAP ERP is a market-leading business management software from the well-known and widely used software giant SAP. It has more than 50,000 customers, supports dozens of languages and offers more than 40 localizations. It provides business systems for product planning, human resource management, core finance tasks, and many more specific functions. The great launch of SAP S4 Hana has greatly improved the user experience.


Are you tired of chasing your teams to do things for your Business, which an ERP system would do on its own? Are you having dozens of standalone software programs that may be doing the work, but they don’t talk to each other? Therefore, you must multiply the hard work in feeding them all separately with data. Questions like these have become a norm for our clients, and firms are keen to look for automated solutions in the shape of an ERP System in which entirity of the processes are harmonized. With our expertise in the planet’s most renowned ERP Odoo, we customize it so specifically to your Company’s requirements that we guarantee to cut down 50% of the person-hours consumed by employees operating de-synced technology and applications. There is no doubt why many millions of users around the globe are now loving Odoo to grow their businesses exponentially.


ZOHO stands well above the rest, recognized for its versatility and ability to connect with thousands of everyday programs utilized by millions. Cloud Storage is flawless whether you’re using the box, Dropbox, Apple storage, or anything else you can go for. Its mobile versions run on Apple, Android, and Windows mobiles, so you’re never out of touch with your work. You can handle Sales, POs, billing, payments, and banking and stay in touch on plans, projects, and work plans. Nowadays, one of the most important parts is VAT and corporate tax in the UAE integration. You must be able to track corporate tax in the UAE (since the new laws just went into effect) to avoid costly penalties. The government of the UAE officially recognizes Zoho as a great software. On the whole, this is a great choice for consumers.


This software eases the complex structure of many ERP-type software with a cloud-based subscription service that can be used with any browser. The interface is more basic than QuickBooks, but it has more advanced functionality for the senior or professional user. There is a version that people can install on their infrastructure and fully customize to individual business requirements. Sage X3 is scalable and set to grow as your Business grows. Sage ERP is good for mid-sized businesses.

6 – TALLY ERP 9:

You might have used this Tally ERP 9 is there in several variants. With each configured for a specific aims, business type, or user. All variants start with the Tally. The ERP9 feature set and add functionality or features specific to the intended business user. Tally.ERP9 has almost a million users. This technology is “The complete business software solution”. The software helps with things, including audit support, and corporate tax in the UAE. Moreover, supports for multi-location businesses, and even for several businesses. Also in this is powerful connectivity to keep multiple locations’ records current.

7 – XERO

This software has defined classic accounting into a fancy modern cloud-based accounting in such an excellent way. Now lots of accounting firms in the UAE have switched to it. It not only saves time for the accounting firms in the UAE. Also, it also has an App Store, which provides you the ability to connect hundreds of loved Apps to your Xero Accounting. The software can transform your conventional accounting into modern state-of-the-art accounting. Across multiple areas like sales, CRM, HR, E-commerce, Inventory, etc can network apps We at Push Digits Global are an official Partner of Xero. We can help you when it is about implementation, or training. Also the accounting on Xero with our expansive experience with it. Make a choice today and move your old-fashioned accounting to digital cloud-based technology. It will be a decision you will not regret.


We have all heard about Microsoft Dynamics AX promotes the familiar Microsoft brand. This offers a scalable and easy-to-use business management solution for medium and large-sized firms. Microsoft’s size and expertise in software design give a user-friendly system with a large support network.


This Intacct is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financial management package. As a web-based technology, it is quite cheap and requires very minimal installation. Fast-growth companies use Intacct because it is quickly and easily scalable as they grow from small to medium size. It can support two thousand users, 650 entities, and 250,000 daily deals. Intacct is rapidly closing in on market leader status.

10 – OTHERS:

Epicor ERP & Epicor Cloud: Epicor is one more software company focusing on rapidly growing enterprises. There are two ERP solutions there from Epicor: Epicor ERP and Epicor Cloud ERP. Epicor markets itself as “Visionary ERP Solutions.” With 5000 customers using Epicor ERP in over 80 countries, this software has shown itself easy to use, hardware-friendly, scalable, and fast.

Epicor Cloud ERP is marketed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. As a cloud-based solution, it can be rapidly deployed and does not demand heavy hardware. The cloud application includes all the things a business requires to control operations, orders, and resources in one ERP solution. It is being utilized by hundreds of companies already and gaining ground.

Ifs ERP: IFS was an early trailblazer in component-based ERP solutions. This component part of IFS Applications 8.0 makes the software easy to run, implement, and scale up as a business grows. IFS reports over 2,000 installations with several users ranging from 40 to more than 5000. 

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