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What is Finance Monkey?

Finance Monkey is a premier provider of accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai with over decades of experience. Finance Monkey offers a wide range of services in the Dubai financial market. This includes providing you with everything from an expert auditor to a financial manager to help you manage every penny in and out of your business. Our goal at Finance Monkey is to nurture businesses, be they a small enterprise or a multinational corporation, which is why we offer comprehensive bookkeeping services, VAT registration in UAE, and corporate tax services all under one roof. Opt for the top accounting firm in Dubai to reduce the burden on small business owners, enabling them to focus on business growth while we manage accounting and compliance seamlessly. Discover ease and efficiency with our corporate tax registration and elevate your business trajectory today.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Experience precision with our expert bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai. Our seasoned team ensures compliance with Dubai’s financial regulations, offering comprehensive solutions for accounts, payroll, tax filing, and financial statements. As top audit firms in Dubai, Finance Monkey goes beyond providing auditing, excelling in bookkeeping, cash flow management, and robust financial reporting. Our commitment is aligned with the evolving landscape of Dubai’s financial regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant and future-ready within the dynamic realm of accounting companies in Dubai.

Corporate Tax in UAE

Ensure smooth corporate tax compliance and business tax regulations in the UAE. Corporate Tax UAE provides expert advice on tax registration in UAE, compliance, and corporate tax filing. Our skilled consultants specialize in obtaining tax residency certificates in Dubai, delivering holistic solutions for your business. Don’t let tax complexities hinder your business’s growth. Connect with our proficient corporate tax consultants to cater to your precise needs, register for corporate tax, and ensure flawless adherence to UAE tax laws.


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Why Finance Monkey?

In January 2022, the Ministry of Finance unveiled plans for federal Corporate Tax (CT) implementation, targeting businesses' net profits. The tax will become applicable from either 1 June 2023 or 1 January 2024, aligning across all Emirates, reshaping corporate tax in Dubai.

Thinking Of Changing Your Accountant

Now, you no longer need to worry about dealing with a horde of incompetent and inexperienced financial accountants. Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Services In Dubai is to rescue. Let alone hand your valuable business into undeserving hands because Finance Monkey provides all of that for you.

Golden Rules of

Finance Monkey offers advanced bookkeeping services in Dubai, merging traditional accounting rules with new technologies for efficient financial management in various accounts – personal, real, and nominal. As one of the top financial companies in Dubai, we specialize in optimizing business finance tactics.

Timely Reporting & Analytics in Finance

Timely reporting is all you need for stable analytics in finance. The longer a company waits to publish its annual report and accompanying financial statements, the more outdated and useless the information becomes. How stressful can be when you invest in an accountant and an entire team of financial managers only to have them miss essential reporting deadlines? The event was stressful, to say the least, and detrimental to work. Finance Monkey has zero tolerance for being late.

Multi Expertise for Small Business in Dubai

Specializing in corporate taxation and business tax solutions for small businesses, our firm offers comprehensive accounting, finance, and auditing services. We excel in tax residency certificates, providing expert advice and seamless bookkeeping in Dubai. As a top audit firm, our corporate tax consultants ensure smooth corporate tax registration for optimal business growth. Partner with us for tailored accounting and bookkeeping services, enhancing your company’s success in the UAE.

Strategic Planning & Development

Market Strategy Development is an art, and we are the artists. With a perfect market development strategy, we will launch your product with a boom. Finance Monkey has a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who are always working hard to develop unmatchable strategic planning and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Finance Monkey

We understand that businesses have different needs. We offer a range of services, you can pick only the services you require so you don’t have to pay a single Dirham more than you actually need to!

Multi-Business Expertise

● Prepare financial statements for review and classification.
● Income tax preparation and compliance.
● Income tax advice and planning.
● Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.
● Implement a new accounting software package.
● Bill payment service.
● Company management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to register for Corporate Tax?

Businesses that operate as corporations or other entities with separate legal personalities are generally required to register for corporate tax. The specific requirements may vary by country or jurisdiction.

When should I register for Corporate Tax?

The timing of registration depends on the regulations in your jurisdiction. Typically, you should register before commencing business operations or within a specified timeframe after incorporation or formation.

How do I determine the applicable tax authority for registration?

The tax authority responsible for corporate tax registration can vary depending on your country and region. In many cases, it is the national or federal tax agency. However, some jurisdictions may have separate tax authorities at the state, provincial, or local level.

What information do I need to provide during registration?

The information required during corporate tax registration can include your business’s legal name, address, contact details, tax identification numbers (such as EIN), business activities or industry classification, and details of shareholders or partners. Supporting documents, such as incorporation papers or partnership agreements, may also be necessary.

Can I register for Corporate Tax Online?

Many tax authorities offer online registration systems to simplify the process. Check with your local tax authority to determine if online registration is available and what steps are involved.

Are there any registration fees?

Some jurisdictions may impose registration fees or charges. The fees can vary based on factors such as the type of entity, jurisdiction, and business activities. Consult your tax authority or visit their website for information on applicable fees, if any

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